We are excited to share insights from our recent meeting between the Joint Research Centre (JRC), Healthcare Quality Group and TOGAS project: Towards Gastric Cancer Screening Implementation in the European Union, that was held on 12 March in Ispra, Italy, where we delved into essential discussions on gastric cancer screening initiatives and potential EU guideline development.

During the meeting, we placed a spotlight on the methodological frameworks employed in cancer screening programs. Our discussions revolved around optimizing screening protocols to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and patient-centricity.

Further discussions were covering the aspects of the mutual support and understanding when it comes to the data harmonization and clear definitions to be used for the recommendations, where we can support each other in this approach. Another issue was to avoid overlapping activities among different EU health initiatives and to look for the alignment and synergies between the topics. 

The great value of the TOGAS and also Eurohelican projects is to facilitate generation of additionally required knowledge for effective gastric cancer prevention.

Looking ahead, TOGAS is outlined next steps in collaboration with JRC, ensuring interaction, harmonization of the timetables and feedback on the outcomes of the TOGAS activities. Through proactive measures, we aim to accelerate progress in cancer screening and improve the linkages with experts and decision makers in the EU Member States.