Leading researchers

Leading researcher Dr. med. Mārcis Leja


Doctor - gastroenterologist, oncology and oncological disease screening expert

Research interests: Early detection of cancer and pre-cancerous conditions, screening diagnostics and prevention options; H. pylori infection and related diseases; celiac disease, autoimmune diseases; new diagnostic methods in gastroenterology; in hepatology and oncology, functional diagnostics.

E-mail: marcis.leja@lu.lv

Leading researcher Dr. sc. soc. Signe Mežinska


Bioethics Specialist

Research interests: Ethical and social aspects of Biobanks; doctor-patient relationship patterns; ethics of human reproduction; conflicts of interests in medicine.

E-mail: signe.mezinska@lu.lv

Leading researcher Dr. med. Daiga Šantare


Dietary doctor

Research interests: Risks of oncological diseases, healthy diet, the role of nutrition in disease prevention.

E-mail: daiga.santare@lu.lv

Leading researcher Dr. sc. ing. Inese Poļaka


Biostatistic, data analyst

Research interests: Easy to interpret machine learning models, application of machine learning in medicine, bioinformatics, induction of diagnostic and prognostic models from data.

E-mail: inese.polaka@lu.lv

Vadošais pētnieks Dr. med. Alvils Krams


E-pasts: alvils.krams@lu.lv


Leading researcher PhD Lilian Tzivian


Certified epidemiologist and specialist in public health

Research interests: Aging-related cognitive and work-related changes; Alzheimer's disease; the connection of the environment, air pollution and noise with the cognitive function; quality of life and stress; research design, displacement and classification problems.

E-mail: liliana.civjane@lu.lv

Leading researcher Dr. med. Ilmārs Stonāns


Doctor - biophysicist

Research interests: Immunology, molecular and cell biology, rheumatoid arthritis, sepsis, and drug development.

E-mail: ilmars.stonans@lu.lv

Leading researcher Dr. med. Ilva Daugule


Doctor pediatrician, gastrointestinal endoscopy specialist

Research interests: Digestive diseases, Helicobacter pylori infection in children and adults, stomach pre-cancerous conditions.

E-mail: ilva.daugule@lu.lv

Leading researcher Dr. sc. ing. Arnis Kiršners


Information systems architect and developer, data analyst

Research interests: Developing Medical and Biobanking Information Systems and Database Architecture; Analysis Data with Machine Learning and AI; Consultation of Data Analysis and Data Science.

E-mail: arnis.kirsners@lu.lv

Vadošais pētnieks Jānis Eglītis

E-pasts: janis.eglitis@lu.lv

Leading researcher Dr.phil. Ivars Neiders

Bioētikas speciālists

Pētnieciskās intereses: eksperimentālā bioētika, pētniecības ētika, ar dzīves noslēgumu saistītie ētiskie jautājumi, ētika psihiatrijā, ētiskās problēmas atvērtajā zinātnē.

E-pasts: ivars.neiders@lu.lv

Leading researcher Dr. sc. ing. Sergejs Paršutins


Information system architect and developer, data analyst

Research interests: Modeling and design of information systems, data analysis using machine learning methods, artificial neural networks, data mining.

E-mail: sergejs.parsutins@lu.lv

Leading researcher Dr. oec. Kārlis Purmalis



Research interests: Cost-effectiveness calculations, the impact of health-care preventive measures on the economy.

E-mail: karlis.purmalis@lu.lv

Leading researcher Dr. med. Valdis Folkmanis


Doctor - a child neurologist, Montessori Pedagogy Specialist

Research interests: Social Pediatrics, Montessori Medical Pedagogy, Multisensor Therapy.

E-mail: valdis.folkmanis@lu.lv


Researcher Dr. med. Danute Ražuka-Ebela


Doctor - gastroenterologist

Research interests: early diagnosis and prevention of cancer and precancerous conditions, Helicobacter pylori infection, population risk factors.

E-mail: danute.razuka-ebela@lu.lv

Researcher Linda Mežmale


Resident in gastroenterology, applicant for doctor of medicine degree

Research interests: volatile breath markers, gastrointestinal oncology, new diagnostic methods in gastroenterology, development of screening methods in gastroenterology.

E-mail: linda.mezmale@lu.lv

Researcher Dina Bēma


Human and Animal Physiologist

Research interests: Cancer stem cells, cancer resistance

E-mail: dina.bema@lu.lv

Researcher Inga Bogdanova


Forensic expert

E-mail: inga.bogdanova@lu.lv

Researcher Ilona Kojalo


Data statistician

E-mail: ilona.kojalo@lu.lv

Researcher Dr. Biol. Viktors Veliks


Human and Animal Physiologist

Research interests: New diagnostic methods for gastroenterology, hepatology and oncology, functional diagnostics. Biostatistics. 

E-mail: viktors.veliks@lu.lv

Researcher Jekaterina Kalēja


Research interests: Research in the governance and decision-making in science, medicine, and biotechnology, as well as in the field of sexual and reproductive health, sexual education, family and gender..

E-mail: jekaterina.kaleja@lu.lv

Researcher Ilze Mileiko

Bioethics specialist

Research interests: Social aspects of biotechnology, sexuality and gender, research ethics, violence, mental health resilience, social aspects of aging.

E-mail: ilze.mileiko@lu.lv


Scientific assistants

Scientific assistant Ilona Aleksandraviča


Scientific assistant Edgars Dauss


E-mail: edgars.dauss@lu.lv


Zinātniskais asistents Rihards Mikilps-Mikgelbs

Scientific assistant Dārta Pūpola

Molecular biologist

Research interests: Gene engineering, immunology, cancer research, genotyping of Helicobacter pylori, research of human microbiom.

E-mail: darta.pupola@lu.lv

Scientific assistant Reinis Vangravs



Research interests: Sequencing technologies, bioinformatics, gene editing, early diagnostics.

E-mail: reinis.vangravs@lu.lv

Scientific assistant Elīza Avotiņa



E-mail: eliza.avotina@.lu.lv

Scientific assistant Olga Sjomina


Resident in internal medicine

Research interests: H. pylori, gastric cancer screening, pepsinogens.

E-mail: olga.sjomina@lu.lv