The following studies are carried out within the framework of the VPP program:


Completed studies:

Program Nr. 5. - Biomedicine for Public Health (BIOMEDICINE) - The aim of the national research program "Biomedicine for public health" is to create world-wide knowledge and technologies for the survival and quality of life of the Latvian population in areas of the most threatening diseases - cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, oncological diseases, children and infectious diseases, as well as mental illnesses.

Project: No.4. - "Study of the possibility of reducing mortality caused by gastric cancer in conditions of Latvia"

Purpose of the project - Based on the analysis of the situation in Latvia, to develop a practical approach to public health and medical measures aimed at reducing the mortality caused by gastric cancer and the related negative effects of risk factors and pre-cancer condition.

Program Manager  - Dr.med. Valdis Pīrāgs

Project Manager -Dr.med. Mārcis Leja

The duration of the study  - 01/01/2017 - 31/12/2017




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