Projects that are currently being implemented


Development and validation of a new technology for early diagnosis and prevention of gastric cancer

LU Effective cooperation project, in cooperation with SIA AHL.

The duration of the project  - no 05/09/2019 līdz  30/08/2021

Project identification No. - 6012-A53/65

The total funding of the project - 140 000  EUR

Project scientific manager - Prof. Sergejs Isajevs


Completed projects


Development, validation and implementation of ESP histochemical staining method for subtyping of gastric intestinal metaplasia 

LU Effective cooperation project, in cooperation with SIA AHL.

The duration of the project-  24/07/2017 until 30/06/2019 

Project identification No. - ZD2017/20444

The total funding of the project - 140 000  EUR

Project scientific manager - Prof. Sergejs Isajevs

Biomarker studies in the field of oncology, infectious diseases and preventive medicine

(Sub-project of "Research of biomarkers and natural substances for acute and chronic diseases' diagnostics and personalized treatment" project)

The ultimate goal of the Project:

To ensure the leading and coordinating role of the University of Latvia in the international research consortium for the prevention of gastrointestinal tumors in Europe.

Specific objective of the project:

To develop the competence and capacity of researchers of the University of Latvia in biomarker research in oncology, infectious diseases (including sepsis, tuberculosis), preventive medicine (including the GISTAR population survey).

Realization of the project is closely connected with academic work (diploma papers, master's thesis, doctoral thesis), as well as other studies, including the National Research Program Biomedicine 2014-2017, the H2020 Project Sniffphone, etc.

As a result of project realization, additional project application and funding attraction is expected, as well as increasing the visibility and expanding cooperation of the University of Latvia. The successful continuation of projects that have already been launched, such as the GISTAR project, will be promoted.

Project Manager - Dr.habil.med. Ingrīda Rumba-Rozenfelde

Sub-project Manager - Dr.med., Professor Mārcis Leja

The duration of the study  - 01/01/2016 - 31/12/2018

Ensuring the position of a stable group of researchers from the University of Latvia in the international research area in the field of gastrointestinal tumor prevention.

The specific objective of the project: to develop cooperation within international projects, to increase the research capacity of the University of Latvia in the field of prevention of gastrointestinal tumors, to attract additional international projects for the implementation of activities in Latvia.

Project activities are planned by developing cooperation with internationally recognized research centers and international organizations in the field of project application, as well as with research organizations in former Soviet countries. At the same time, the development of cooperation with merchants is foreseen. In addition to developing co-operation, it is planned to strengthen the recognition of the University of Latvia's research groups in the international space through the registration of projects implemented by KPMI in international databases (such as ClinicalTrials.gov).

As a result of the project implementation, the preparation and submission of international project applications, the conclusion of co-operation agreements with research organizations and merchants are foreseen. The organization of an international workshop in Riga, as well as exchange visits, according to the available means, is foreseen to achieve the goals.

The project will involve leading researchers, researchers, young scientists, doctoral students of the University of Latvia. In particular, it is intended to attract expert with international experience in epidemiological issues.

In addition to the contribution of the University of Latvia, it is planned to attract additional funds from international partners.

Project Manager - Dr.med. Mārcis Leja 

The duration of the study  - 01/01/2017 - 31/12/2017

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