December 24th, 2018

Season's Greetings

With thanks for our fruitful cooperation during the past year, we are looking forward to continuing our joint success in the New Year!

December 17th, 2018

Doctoral student of the University of Latvia receives an award for best presentation at the European Conference of Gastroenterologists

PhD student of Faculty of Medicine of the University of Latvia Danute Ražuka-Ebela, involved in KPMI projects, at the First European Conference of Young Gastroenterologist, received an award for the best presentation "Association between Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Gastric Atrophy and Helicobacter pylori in Latvia".

From the 260 theses submitted to the conference, the Scientific Committee selected 10, whose authors had to present an defend the topics and at the meeting of the scientific committee of the conference, which chose the best presentation. The author of the best presentation will be paid for registration at the leading European gastroenterologist event UEG Week 2019.

                         In the picture:  participants from Latvia - Zane Straume, Danute
                         Ražuka-Ebela, Zane Dzērve, Sniedze Laivacuma,
                         Helēna Dauvarte
December 11th, 2018

Gives an interview to the Russian scientific publication on options for preventing gastric cancer

In the 3rd edition, 2018 of Russian scientific publication devoted to the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases "Effective Pharmacotherapy, Gastroenterology", the Director of KPMI, Gastroenterologist Marcis Leja and Chief Freelance Gastroenterologist of the Department of Health of the Russian Federation Dmitriy Bordin, in the form of a discussion gives an interview on the approaches to stomach cancer screening and early diagnosis as well as ways to reduce morbidity and mortality from this disease.

* Dmitry Bordin - Doctor of Medicine, Chief Freelance Gastroenterologist of the Department of Health of the Russian Federation, Head of the Department of Pathology of the Upper Division of the Pancreatic, Biliary and Gastrointestinal Tract (Moscow, Russia) of A.S.Loginov Moscow Clinical Scientific Center.

Interview available: HERE.

Full version of the 3rd edition, 2018 of publication: HERE.

More information about the scientific publication: HERE.

December 10th, 2018

SNIFFPHONE product is the winner at the auction-based competition during the ICT2018

Executive Director of the company JLM Innovation Jan Mitrovics with the smart product SNIFFPHONE is the winner of the "Electronic - Smart - Digital: an auction-based competition", hosted in Vienna during the ICT2018.

At the ICT2018 conference an auction based pitch event was held to promote smart systems. To the winner was handed the prize which turned out to be an Arduino starter kit for smart systems. The kit will be used to educate young engineers at JLM.

ICT 2018 was takeing place in Vienna on 4-6 December 2018. This research and innovation event is focusing on the European Union’s priorities in the digital transformation of society and industry. It presents an opportunity for the people involved in this transformation to share their experience and vision of Europe in the digital age.

At the SNIFFPHONE project (Horizon 2020 Framework Program), organized by the international consortium of research institutions and enterprises (KPMI is also a participant), clinical work is organized and conducted by researchers from the KPMI. The head of the clinical group of the project  is director of KPMI  M. Leja.

December 6th, 2018

KPMI launches project on ethically responsible biobank management  

The Institute of Clinical and Preventive Medicine of the University of Latvia in cooperation with the Latvian Biomedical Research and study centre in December 2018 launches the implementation of the project financed by the Latvian Council of Science "The management of ethical and socially responsible research biobanks in Latvia: analysis of opinions of society, donors and scientists".

Present day, research biobanks - collections of biological samples of human origin and related information - are needed to reach high-level scientific results in biomedicine and public health. The goal of the project is to promote the development of ethical and socially responsible research biobank management in Latvia, based on an analysis of the opinions of society, donors and scientists. The goal will be achieved through a representative public survey on biobank treatment, a survey of biobanks' donors and scientists. In-depth qualitative interviews with biobank donors and scientists will also be carried out. In surveys and interviews, special attention will be paid to exploring the ethical aspects of bio-banking management (informed consent, data security, use of historical collections, reporting of individual results, publication of research results, etc.).

The research will be carried out by an interdisciplinary research group consisting of the two largest biobanks of Latvia at the moment, involving experts from different sectors - ethics, sociology, anthropology, statistics, public health and biobanks. The project team is led by Leading Researcher of KPMI Signe Mežinska. Baseing on the results of the research an interdisciplinary approach will allow to develop sustainable recommendations for policy makers on the development of ethical and socially responsible, public interests relevant, biobanks management in Latvia.

December 3rd, 2018

AWARD for best oral presentation - to a student of the University of Latvia

At the traditional European bridging meeting in gastroenterology, which was takeing place in Berlin, Germany from November 30 to December 1, the results of the GISTAR pilot study in Kazakhstan were presented.

At the meeting a student of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Latvia Linda Mežmale received Award for the best presentation - "Significance of serum pepsiniogens as a biomarker for atrophic gastritis screening in the Kazakhstan population".

This year meeting was be back to the original classic model of the established Bridging meeting, where fellows and their mentors present, discuss and engage within this European network in Gastroenterology. 

Special thanks to the EAGEN (The European Association for Gastroenterology, Endoscopy and Nutrition) & EHMSG (European Helicobacter and Microbiota Study Group) for support to this unique mentor-fellow teaching concept in academic gastroenterology. 

Program available: HERE

More information: HERE

                          In the picture: Linda Mežmale with Award for the best oral
                          presentation during the European Bridging Meeting in
                         Gastroenterology 2018
November 30th, 2018

Manuscripts discussing seminars are arranged for students  

In order to discuss the ideas of new publications, as well as manuscripts that have already been prepared, evaluating their structures, content, statistics and other aspects in order to improve the quality of the article, in the form of regular meetings are arranged "Seminars - Discussing of Manuscripts ". During the workshops, we will jointly try to make recommendations for improving the manuscript, as well as analyze the article from the perspective of various specialists (gastreonetrolog, statistician, microbiologist, etc.).

Manuscript discussion is led by Dr.med. I.Daugule and Assoc.prof. L.Tzivian. To apply for discussion of manuscripts, as well as to participate in the discussion can anyone interested.

The next meeting will be 07.12.2018. University of Latvia, Academic Center for Natural Sciences (DAC, Jelgavas street 1, room 211) at 3.00 pm. 

Seminars will be held - on Fridays, once every two weeks, times and venues will be clarified.

November 26th, 2018

At the Symposium speaks about the introduction of a people-centred care model for tuberculosis patients

To talk about a better care for tuberculosis patients, the 3rd Baltic Symposium "STRENTHENING THE PEOPLE-CENTRED MODEL OF TUBERCULOSIS CARE FOR BETTER DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT OUTCOMES" brought together doctors and healthcare professionals from the Baltic States, experts from the World Health Organization (WHO), representatives from the Ministry of Health and other organizations involved in combating and researching tuberculosis.

Participants of the symposium stressed the importance of ensuring people-centred direct care of tuberculosis patients, as well as discussed the successes and challenges associated with the implementation of the tuberculosis and resistant tuberculosis patient-oriented care model in the Baltic States.

Researcher of KPMI of The University of Latvia Ģirts Šķenders presented the participants of the symposium with the latest trends in tuberculosis diagnostics and the study of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tuberculosis).

Read more: HERE

                          In the picture: Ģ.Šķenders introduces the participants of the
                          symposium with the latest trends in tuberculosis diagnostics
November 22nd, 2018

The SNIFFHONE project has been awarded with the European Commission Innovation Award

The SNIFFPHONE - project (Horizon 2020 Framework Program) organized by the international consortium of research institutions and enterprises (KPMI is also a participant), in which clinical work is organized and conducted by researchers from the KPMI, have received  the “European Commission Innovation Award” that is given for the most innovative project. The award was presented on 21 November in Lisbon, Portugal, at the European Forum for Electronic Components and Systems

The head of the clinical group of the project  is director of KPMI  M. Leja.

An award on behalf of the SNIFFPHONE consortium was received by professor Hossam Haick from the Israel Technion Institute. In his presentation, he mentioned the great contribution of KPMI researchers to the successful implementation of the project and warmly thanked for the successful cooperation in this revolutionary project.

Within the SNIFFPHONE project is being developed a mobile phone-based sensory exhale analyzer for the detection of diseases  - a portable "electronic nose" that can accurately identify stomach cancer after a patient's exhalation. The potential use of the device to be developed is very wide and can be transmitted to the detection and monitoring of other diseases. The KPMI project implements device testing in clinical settings as well as analytical part.

Researchers of the Institute continue research activities in mentioned area, as well as in the framework of several other projects.

                          More pictures from the forum: Picture_1, Picture_2, Picture_3,
                         Picture_4, Picture_5, Picture_6 , Picture_7.
November 20th, 2018

Gaistošo marķieru noteikšanas pētījumā iekļauts pirmais plaušu vēža pacients

Latvijas Universitātes Klīniskās un profilaktiskās medicīnas institūts sadarbībā ar Rīgas Austrumu klīniskās universitātes slimnīcas Audu centru (Biobanka) un citiem speciālistiem piedalās pētījumā “Gaistošo marķieru laboratoriska noteikšana  atšķirīgās organisma vidēs iespējamas  slimības identificēšanai  - VOLATEST”. 
Pētījumu sponsorē TECHNION Pētniecības un attīstības fonds sadarbībā ar TECHNION Universitāti, Haifa, Izraēla.

Šā gada 20. novembrī stacionārā Tuberkulozes un plaušu slimību centrs, gaistošo marķieru noteikšanas pētījumā tika iekļauts pirmais plaušu vēža pacients.

November 19th, 2018

LIAA has supported the project submitted by LU KPMI

The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) has supported the project "Volatile Marker Expiry Analysis for Stomach Cancer Screening" submitted by the Institute of Clinical and Preventive Medicine of the University of Latvia (LU KPMI).

Within the project, it is planned to create a portable technology that, based on the analysis of exhalation, carried out with the aid of sensors, without anxiety to the person to be examined will allow to detect gastric cancer and related pre-cancerous conditions at an early stage, offering a unique technological solution for gastric cancer screening to reduce the mortality caused by this disease . It should be noted that there are currently no non-invasive methods for screening this disease in the world.

In order to discuss the implementation of the LIAA-supported project, the meeting of LIAA and LU KPMI representatives were arranged. Director of KPMI Mārcis Leja presented the LIAA staff with the technological side of the supported project, the technical and economic justification, the financial plan and risk analysis, the activities for the development and commercialization of technology, and the team of project staff. LIAA Director Andris Ozols presented LIAA's view on the commercialization of scientific achievements, and the staff gave recommendations for the successful preparation of project documentation.

The project is co-financed by specific support objective "To Increase private sector investment in P&A" of operational program 1.2.1. within the framework of the measure "Support for the improvement of the technology transfer system" of the European Regional Development Fund.


                          More pictures from the meeting: Picture_1, Picture_2Picture_3,
                         Picture_4, Picture_5, Picture_6 , Picture_7Picture_8.
November 9th, 2018

The University of Latvia invites to submit abstracts for the International Scientific Conference on Medicine

The University of Latvia invites to submit abstracts for the International Scientific Conference on Medicine, which will be held on February 22nd, 2019, at the University of Latvia Campus in Riga.
Abstract submission and registration will open on November 26, 2018 and will close on January 14, 2019.

For more information on the conference, its course, program, registration for participation and abstract submission, see the conference website:  https://www.mf.lu.lv/lu-konferences/.

In the spirit of fostering international collaboration participation is free of charge.

The abstract requirements can be found HERE

For any questions regarding abstract submission and registration, please e-mail: medconf2019@lu.lv.

For other inquiries regarding the conference, please contact Dr. Danute Ražuka-Ebela d.razuka.ebela@gmail.com.

November 8th, 2018

Released "European Registry on Helicobacter pylori Management" Newsletter November 2018

Read the latest news from the "European Registry on Helicobacter pylori Management" (Hp-EuReg) November Newsletter HERE.

November 5th, 2018

Among group of European experts representing EHMSG - the Director of KPMI 

During the last weekend the group of European experts representing European Helicobacter and Microbiota study group (EHMSG) was attending a conference in Yerevan with the objective to adapt two European guidelines (including Maastricht V guideline on H.pylori management) to the low-resources conditions of Armenia. Director of the Institute of Clinical and Preventive Medicine, University of Latvia was in the group.

                          Photo (from the left): EHMSG group members Prof. F.Megraud
                          (France), Prof. T.Rokkas, Prof. M.Leja (Latvia) and EHMSG
                          corresponding fellow, chief gastroenterologist of Moscow
                          Prof. D.Bordin (Russia) 
October 31st, 2018


We invite to participate in seminar organized by Latvian national biobank network – BBMRILV.

In this seminar leading researchers from largest research organizations in Latvia will share their experience of use of medical data for research. There will be governmental organizations, that perform medical data statistic analysis and ethical and legal experts in this field.

Time: November 16th, 2018, 9.00 - 13.30.

Place: Riga, University of Latvia, Faculty of Natural Sciences, auditorium 702 (7th floor), Jelgavas Str. 1.

Program (in Latvian) available HERE.

October 26th, 2018

8,000 respondents already included in the GISTAR study 

For five years now in Latvia has been taking place the GISTAR study  - a study by the Institute of Clinical and Preventive Medicine of the University of Latvia, in collaboration with the International Agency for Research on Cancer, on the potential for reducing mortality from stomach and intestinal cancer. We are proud to announce that the total number of respondents included in the study has reached 8,000 today!
From October 2013, when the GISTAR study was launched in Cesis, so far it has been taking place in such cities as Aluksne, Ludza, Saldus, Tukums, Dobele and Madona. There is a positive trend - the number of respondents included in each subsequent research center is increasing. For comparison, 761 respondents were included in the regional center of Cēsis, Ludza - 1018, Saldus - 1077. Currently, the research center in Rezekne (since April 2017) is active, which already includes 2,096 respondents.
The research supervisor is LU KPMI Director, professor of the University of Latvia, gastroenterologist Marcis Leja.
In parallel, research opportunities are being discussed in other cities of Latvia.
The inclusion of respondents in the study continues.

October 22nd, 2018

Invites to participate in the seminar "Good practices in scholarly publishing"

The Library of the University of Latvia invites academic and research staff and doctoral students of the University of Latvia to participate in the seminar "Good practices in scholarly publishing". At the seminar, Elsaevier's spokeswoman, Katarzyna Gaca, will present the audience with the best scientific publishing practice, the review process, the choice of magazines, as well as information search capabilities and up-to-date improvements to the ScienceDirect database.

The seminar will be held on Monday, October 29th, 2.30 pm at the University of Latvia, Academic Center for Natural Sciences, Room 702. (7th floor), Riga, Jelgavas street 1. Working language - English. Interested persons will be able to receive a certificate of participation in the seminar.

Applying for the seminar is available HERE.

More information - HERE.

October 19th, 2018

World Endoscopy Organization Screening Committee annual meeting is taking place

World Endoscopy Organization (WEO) Screening Committee annual meeting was held in Vienna (Austria). This was a 20th anniversary meeting of the Committee. Regular meetings of the Committee are held not only in Europe, but also in the US, Asia and Latin America. The Director of the Institute of Clinical and Preventive Medicine Marcis Leja and student of Faculty of Medicine, University of Latvia Anna Krīgere (photo)  were reporting in the Expert group on FIT for Screening on the topic “Update on the colorectal cancer screening in East Europe and Central Asia”. The French screening program was represented by Aldis Kaufmanis (originally from Latvia).

                           In the picture:  student of Faculty of Medicine Anna Krīgere 
October 12th, 2018

Three weeks left for abstract submission to the IGCC 2019  

From 8 - 11 May 2019, the 13th International Gastric Cancer Congress (IGCC 2019) will take place in Prague, Czech Republic.

Gastric Cancer continues to be a major health problem in Europe and all around the world. This year we will have an amazing opportunity to BUILD BRIDGES between the top scientific, clinical, and business professionals to discuss, compare, and debate all topics related to gastric cancer.

The World Congress is a special opportunity to increase your knowledge, to better understand the most recent scientific advances, to present your latest findings and to interact with specialists from this field.

Abstract submission deadline - 31 October 2018 23:59 CET.

Congress website and abstract submission available HERE.

October 9th, 2018 

At the meeting of the Latvian Association of Patologists, lecture will be delivered by prof. Nir Peled from Israel

On November 23rd at the meeting of the Latvian Association of Patologists, which will take place at the Pathology Center of Riga East University Hospital, lecture "The role of the comprehensive cancer genome profiling in the Personalized Healthcare " will be performed by prof. Nir Peled from Israel.

Professor Nir Peled, Head of Oncology, represents the Legacy Heritage Oncology Center and Dr. Larry Norton Institute, Soroka Medical Center and Ben-Gurion University in Ber-Sew, Israel.

At the meeting, the leading researcher, pathologist professor Sergey Isajev will deliver a lecture "Chronic gastritis histopathology".

The program of the meeting is available HERE.

                          In the picture:  professor Nir Peled
October 8th, 2018 

The State Education Development Agency invites to apply for a Launching and Matchmaking Event 

Doctoral students, scientific degree applicants and scientists from Latvian scientific institutions are invited to apply for participation in the Launching and Matchmaking Event on October 25, 2018 in Tallinn, Estonia, hosted by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research in cooperation with the Estonian Science Council and the Norwegian Scientific Council.

The event will allow scientists from the Baltic States and Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein to meet and agree on co-operation in the development of joint research projects under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism (EEA) and Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021. (hereinafter - the program) project financed by the Baltic Research Program.

The registration of the participants is open until October 20, 2018, on the homepage of the Estonian Science Council, where the program of the event is also available.

The netting is planned as an opening event for the first program competition, which will be launched by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research on October 25th, in co-operation with the Estonian Science Council and the Norwegian Science Council. Information about the program design contest is available here.

Latvian scientists participating in the event may apply for travel and subsistence expenses by October 22, more detailed information - the regulations and application form - available on the VIAA homepage in the Documents and Forms section.

More information HERE.

October 3rd, 2018 

Laboratory assistant of KPMI H.Gorskis defends doctoral thesis

On October 1st Henrih Gorskis defended the doctoral thesis "Development of an Ontology-based Intelligent Data Retrieval Methodology" for obtaining a Doctor's Degree in Engineering.

The work was developed at the Information Technology Institute of the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology of the Riga Technical University.

The supervisors are Dr. habil sc. comp., professor Arkady Borisov and Dr. sc. ing., Professor Ludmila Aleksejeva, but scientific advisor - Dr. sc ing., assistant professor Inese Poļaka. 

October 1st, 2018 

Announced application deadlines for the EHMSG XXXIInd International Workshop

XXXIInd International Workshop of the Helicobacter and Microbiota Study Group will take place on September 5 - 7, 2019 in Innsbruck, Austria.

Please note the following important dates:

Deadline for abstract submission: May 12, 2019
Deadline for registration at reduced fee: July 12, 2019 
Deadline for pre-registration: August 25, 2019

September 27th, 2018 

An article prepared for publication under the international STOP project accepted for publication

The paper "Smoking and Helicobacter pylori infection: an individual participant pooled analysis (Stomach Cancer Pooling Project)" is accepted for publication at the "European Journal of Cancer Prevention". 

Among the authors there are two researchers of the KPMI - leading researcher M. Leja and researcher E. Gasenko.

September 25th, 2018  

Two articles by KPMI authors published in the latest issue of Helicobacter magazine  

The latest issue of the HELICOBACTER magazine is bublished. In this issue of the magazine with a high index of citation (above 4) are published even two articles authors of which are KPMI's new researchers, residents - Olga Sjomina and Sabine Skrebinska.

Congratulations to the authors with these publications!

In addition to the  above mentioned full-scale publications, the journal also published numerous reports from the Latvia's stand reports of from the European Helicobacter and Microbiota Study Group XXXIst International Workshop, most of the co-authors are from KPMI.

The latest issue of the magazine online available: HERE.

September 19th, 2018  

In Munich reports on progress in the H2020 project SNIFFPHONE

KPMI researchers at the SIEMENS office in Munich International H2020 Project SNIFFPHONE consortium gave a report to the European Commission's project supervisory specialists and their associated industry experts on the progress achieved over the project over a 3 year period. Although the main task of the SNIFFPHONE project is the development of modern technology, especially positive feedback from specialists was received directly from clinical studies. KPMI specialists was responsible for the whole clinical part of the project and all work was done in Latvia.

On behalf of KPMI, thanks to leading researcher Dr.sc.ing Inese Poļaka, researcher Edgars Vasiļjevs, as well as a participating student and volunteer team for the good work done.

In turn, due to the involvement of the participants in the study, thanks to the chief executives at the Latvian Oncology Center of the Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital - Aija Kārkliņa and in Rezekne -  Aiga Rūdule. Thanks also for the staff of  Digestive Disease Center GASTRO.

September 17th, 2018 

EHMSG XXXI International Congress is attended by 33 representatives from Latvia

At the European Helicobacter and Microbiota Study Group XXXIst International Workshop, which took place in Lithuania, Kaunas, from 13 to 15 September, Latvia was the third of the countries with the largest number of participants.

Among the participants from Latvia there was a group of researchers from KPMI, which delivered 11 stand's reports and 1 oral report.

The results of the GISTAR pilot study in Kazakhstan and other researches carried out by the institute were reported in the form of stand reports.

Residents and graduates of the University of Latvia (Zane Dzērve, Linda Mežmale, Anna Krīgere, Danute Ražuka-Ebela, Ieva Lašhina, Petra Kriķe, Edgars Vasiļjevs) participated with the stand's reports. In turn, KPMI Director and Leading researcher, professor Mārcis Leja, performed with an oral report.

We are proud to mention that KPMI Leading researcher, professor Sergejs Isajevs received the award for the best stand report.

Congress theme - "Helicobacter & Microbiota in Inflammation & Cancer".

                          More pictures:  Picture_1, Picture_2Picture_3, Picture_4,
                          Picture_5Picture_6Picture_7, Picture_8Picture_9, Picture_10,
September 11th, 2018  

Researchers of KPMI are among the authors of a paper published in an International Journal of Medical Oncology 

On September 6th in a monthly peer-reviewed open-access medical journal covering oncology "Cancer Medicine" is published an article entitled "Evidence for PTGER4,PSCA, and MBOAT7 as risk genes for gastric cancer on the genome and transcriptome level". 

Among the authors there are two researchers of the KPMI - leading researcher M. Leja and researcher E. Gasenko.

The article is available in the open access section of Wiley Online Library - one of the largest and most authoritative collections of online magazines, books and research resources covering life, health, social and physical sciences.

The summary of the article is available at HERE.

September 10th, 2018  

Researchers Group from KPMI will attend EHMSG XXXIst International Workshop

European Helicobacter and Microbiota Study Group - EHMSG XXXIst International Workshop on Helicobacter & Microbiota in Inflammation & Cancer will take place in Kaunas, Lithuania,  September 13 - 15.

Researchers Group from KPMI will take part in the congress with reports and posters.

In September last year, the director of the Institute of Clinical and Preventive Medicine of the University of Latvia, Professor of the Faculty of Medicine, gastroenterologist Mārcis Leja, were elected as the President of the EHMSG.

September 7th, 2018 

Leading researchers of the institute participate in The Europe Biobank Week 2018

On September 4 - 7 in Antwerp (Belgium) leading researchers of the institute Signe Mežinska and Ģirts Šķenders, participated in the Europe Biobank Week organized by the European Research Infrastructure Consortium, the BBMRI-ERIC (Biobanking and BioMoucular Resources Research Infrastructure - European Research Infrastructure Consortium). The European BioBank Week is one of the most significant annual biobanks congresses that discuss current and future challenges for bio-banking, as well as new opportunities for co-operation. 

More information on Biobank week available HERE.

                          More pictures: Picture_2
September 3rd, 2018 

Starting the new academic year, the leaders of the institutes are welcomed 

At the general meeting of employees of the University of Latvia, which took place on August 31st  in the Great Hall, Professor Indriķis Muižnieks, the Rector of the University of Latvia, congratulated the newly elected academic staff, the new deans and the heads of the institutes. Greetings and gratitudes were given.

Marcis Leja, Director of KPMI, received a gratitude on excellence in science.

July 5th, 2018  

Baltic and Eurasia Masterclass in Clinical Oncology will take place on 12-15 of July  

The European School of Oncology is very glad to invite you to attend the “BALTIC AND EURASIA MASTERCLASS IN CLINICAL ONCOLOGY ” that will be held in Riga, Latvia on 12-15 July 2018.

Chair: N. Pavlidis (GR), F. Peccatori (IT), Host Chair: J. Eglitis (LV).

Representatives of KPMI also participate in organization of the masterclass. 

A more detailed description of the application can be found here.

Further details can be found on the flyer that can be downloaded here or on the website.

June 28th, 2018  

Discusses the possibilities of support to oncological research in Latvia

On June 27th, at the Academic Centre of University of Latvia, staff members of the KPMI - director, professor M. Leja, deputy director G. Šķenders and leading researcher D.Šantare met with representatives of Ltd. Mikrotīkls - co-owner John Tully and donation / support program representative Inga Narkeviča. During the meeting the possibilities of support to oncological research in Latvia were discussed. M. Leja presented representatives of Ltd. Mikrotīkls with data of the Institute's activities on the directions of oncology and oncology prevention. Guests were introduced to the Institute's scientific work: the internationally recognized gastric cancer prevention study GISTAR (gistar.eu), which also includes several satellite investigations of pre-cancerous conditions diagnosis, Helicobacter pylori, its eradication capabilities and gut microbiome. Existing applications to detect volatile organic compounds and the use of oncological diseases diagnostics were also demonstrated. After the presentation representatives of Ltd. Mikrotīkls were shown laboratories and biobank premises where research is being carried out.

In conclusion, the director of Infrastructure Department of the University of Latvia Marģers Počs introduced the existing research premises of the Academic Centre of University of Latvia and demonstrated the development plan of the camps of the University of Latvia.

For reference - Ltd. Mikrotīkls is trying to support oncological researches in Latvia, and is looking for research institutes in Latvia that are active in this field.

                             In the picture (from the left):
                            Director of KPMI M.Leja, director of Infrastructure Department
                            of the University of Latvia Marģers Počs​  and co-owner 
                            of Ltd. Mikrotīkls  John Tully  
                            More pictures: Picture_1, Picture_2
June 25th, 2018 

A record number of abstracts from Latvia has been submitted for EHMSG 2018 annual conference  

Meeting of the Organizing Committee for the European Helicobacter and Microbiota Study group (EKMSG) annual conference is taking place in Vienna. A record number of abstracts from Latvia has been submitted for the conference this year: Latvia is rating number 4 among all the countries globally with 16 abstracts submitted. Most of the abstracts are originating from our institute. The conference will take place in Kaunas, Lithuania September 13-15, 2018.

More information available www.helicobacter.org.

June 22nd, 2018 


Midsummer night, and bonfires on the hill

Burn for the man who makes way for the Light:

He must increase and I diminish still,

Until his sun illuminates my night.


June 21th, 2018 

A collaborative project for piloting GISTAR in Ukraine submitted for the UK GLOBAL HEALTH Initiative funding  

Under the coordination of Dr. Mangesh Thorat (Centre for Cancer Prevention, Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine, Barts & The London School of Medicine and Dentistry Queen Mary University of London) a project application “Ukraine pilot of GISTAR trial- H. pylori eradication, pepsinogen testing and FIT for prevention of gastric and colorectal cancer mortality (GISTAR-U)”  was submitted.

The Ukrainian partners include Vinnytsia National Pirogov Memorial University (PI: Prof. Vyacheslav Chernobrovyj), Dnepropetrovsk National University (PI: Prof. Maryna Shcherbynina) and National Cancer Centre, Ukraine (PI: Prof. Andrii Lukashenko).

June 20th, 2018 

KPMI research achievements are being demonstrated to representative of the European Commission

European Commission’s director-general for research and innovation Jean-Eric Paquet was visiting Latvia. On June 20th, a meeting was held at the University of Latvia, in which University of Latvia leading research groups demonstrated their work and achievements in field of research. During the meeting, director of KPMI M. Leja informed about institute's main sudies in oncology, including about the progress of the GISTAR study.

                            In the picture (from the left):
                           Rector of the University of Latvia prof. I.Muižnieks,
                           prof. A.Ambainis and European Commission
                           director- general for research and innovation
                           J.E.Paquet during a visit at the University of Latvia     
June 18th, 2018 

Begins the IV World Congress of Latvian Scientists  

Today, the IV World Congress of Latvian Scientists begins at the Latvian National Library. Congress will take place from 18 to 20 of June.
The Congress is one of the most ambitious events of the Centenary of the Republic of Latvia, organized by Ministry of Education and Science, and bringing together scientists of Latvian origin from all over the world, as well as their strategic partners and supporters, in order to jointly look at the accomplishments and define the future tasks of Latvian science for the development of the state and society.
The Congress is organized by the Ministry of Education and Science in co-operation with the Association of Latvian Universities, scientific institutions and diaspora organizations.
Representatives of KPMI, including prof. Maris Leja and others are participating in the congress.

More information about the Congress HERE.

June 15th, 2018  

At Uppsala Health Summit discuss on improving care of oncologic patients   

Leading researcher of KPMI Signe Mežinska on June 14-15 participates in the Uppsala Health Summit, which theme this year is treatment of oncological diseases. At the conference there are discussed changes in priorities and health policies that are needed to improve the availability of diagnostics and healthcare for cancer patients. S.Mežinska participates in the working group on the role of biobanks in the improvement of global oncological patient care. More than 200 experts from 33 countries representing healthcare, politics, science, industry and civil society have been invited to the Uppsala Health Summit.

More information about the Summit HERE.

June 12th, 2018 

Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology publishes an article by the Research Group of KPMI

On June 11th publishing house Taylor & Francis at Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology published an article made by the Research group of KPMI about comparison of various tests for the detection of helicobacteria of stomach. The first author of the article is Sabine Skrebinska, a physician-resident. Voluminous work materials has been summarized, in which endoscopic stomach examinations were performed at the Digestive Diseases Centre GASTRO, but morphological investigations - in the Academic Histology Laboratory. Research data suggest that it is inadequate to use serological examinations (blood tests) as the only test for helicobacteria testing in daily practice.

A summary of the article HERE.

June 11th, 2018 

In Vienna prepares for the United European Gastroenterology Week

In Vienna, the European Gastroenterology House hosted the last meeting of the Scientific Committee in preparation for the 2018 European major event in the specialty - the United European Gastroenterology Week (UEG Week). Director of the KPMI M.Leja also participated in the work of the Scientific Committee.

More information on UEG Week available HERE.

                             In the picture:
                            Members of the Scientific Committee of the Congress     
June 8th, 2018 

Scientific assistant of KPMI D.Pupola defends master's thesis

On June 7th,  at the Academic Centre of University of Latvia KPMI Scientific assistant Dārta Pūpola defended her Master Thesis on the "Long-term Effects of Amoxicillin and Clarithromycin Combined Therapy on Gastrointestinal Microbioma". The supervisor of the master's thesis is Mārcis Leja ( Director of the LU KPMI), but scientific adviser - Dita Gudrā (LV BMC). The result is a Master's degree in Biology.

                            2018. gada kongresa Zinātniskās komitejas locekļi     
June 7th, 2018 

The director of the Institute of Clinical and Preventive Medicine reports at the meeting in Washington

June 3rd, 2018. A meeting of the regular working group of the International Healthy Stomach Initiative took place in Washington, DC. It was decided to mark the International Stomach Health Day on the 2nd of October each year. The date was chosen in light of the daylight release of the Nobel Prize winners B.Marshal's and R.Varren's Helicobacter Revelation, which has transformed the fate of millions of people around the world. At the meeting the report on gastric cancer prevention activities in Europe was delivered by the director of the Institute of Clinical and Preventive Medicine of the University of Latvia, professor Mārcis Leja.

June 5th, 2018. At the Digestive Diseases Week, tooking place in Washington, DC, professor M. Leja presented a report on the most valuable findings in the field of microbiome research in Europe. The congress is attended by 14,000 professionals from all around the world. The report was given at the session "Best of European Gastroenterology Week" .

June 6th, 2018. At the US National Cancer Institute M. Leja gave an hour-long report about the ongoing researches on gastric cancer in Latvia. After the meeting, several gatherings were held, including with the Co-ordinating Specialists on Global Activities for possible further expansion of cooperation.

                             In the picture:
                            M. Leja with participants of the meeting at the
                            National Cancer Institute     
June 5th, 2018  

In Cambridge discuss technology and data analytics solutions for medical development

In Cambridge, UK, Microsoft together with its partners, hosted an international workshop on IT and analytical solutions: Intelligent Medicines: Future Decoded, which was attended by KPMI leading researcher Inese Poļaka. This seminar was attended by IT, medical and pharmaceutical industry and science representatives to discuss future medicine: treatment personalization, data analysis and safety, and patient involvement. The latest technologies and good practices in various research and companies were presented: patient status monitoring, detailed data acquisition and analysis, adaptation of diagnostics and observation of patients' lifestyle, use of new technologies (genetic, etc., analyzes in science and diagnostics), etc. During this event, new knowledge and contacts were gained, which will allow further development of KPMI research activities and competencies.

May 25th, 2018 

A review seminar on the four years of the VPP 2014-2017 BIOMEDICINE IV project is underway

Today, at the University of Latvia's Academic Center for Natural Sciences is taking place a review seminar on the four years of the Implementation of the VPP 2014 - 2017 BIOMEDICINE - the IV Project "Gastrointestinal Mortality Reduction Opportunities under Latvian Conditions". Professors Mārcis Leja and Valdis Pīrāgs are opening the seminar. The participants are introduced to the project's goal, structure and main tasks. The main project performers present the audience with the activities carried out within the framework of the project. The total performance indicators for the 4 years completed within the framework of the IV project will be summarized by July 31st this year.

                             In the picture:
                            Participants of the seminar during the discussion     
May 18th, 2018 

Latvian Cancer screening experts participate in the Eurasian Cancer Screening Conference in Minsk

Latvian cancer screening specialists, along with leading experts from European countries, the United States and Canada, participated in the Eurasian Cancer Screening Conference, which took place in Minsk from 17 to 18 of May. The conference was organized by colleagues from the Belarusian Oncology Center in cooperation with experts from the United States National Cancer Institute's Global Health Center to develop cancer screening in countries where so far they have not succeeded with successful solutions, namely, in the former Soviet countries. Latvia was represented at the event by director of KPMI Mārcis Leja (colorectal and stomach cancer), specialist of Riga East University Hospital Māra Epermane (breast cancer screening), and Juris Plonis from the P.Stradin Clinical University Hospital (prostate cancer). As a result of the meeting, the cooperation and plans launched in the framework of the CanCon project (EU Joint Action Against Cancer) will continue. CanCon project completed last year.

More information about the Conference HERE.

                             In the picture:
                            Participants of the seminar during the discussion     
May 8th, 2018 

Discuss Ethics and responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Aspects in Collaborative Research Projects

Yesterday on May 7th, a seminar on ethical and responsible research and innovation (RRI) aspects of co-operation projects was organized by the Institute of Clinical and Preventive Medicine of the University of Latvia. The seminar was attended by the Institute's collaborators from the University of Tampere (Finland) - researchers Veiko Ikonen and Janika Tyynela. Within the framework of the seminar, the current issues of ethics, data security and responsibility of scientists were discussed, as well as an implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation in research practice.

                             In the picture:
                            Participants of the seminar during the discussion     
May 7th, 2018 

KPMI Priority Research Areas in year 2018

1) GISTAR study on the prevention of malignancy in digestive diseases (www.gistar.eu), incl. its expansion (regional pilot studies) outside of Latvia

2) Development of BioBank

3) Microbiological studies (digestive system, upper respiratory tract)

4) Studies on volatile markers (exhaled markers: gastric cancer and control group, population group, tuberculosis and control group; skin markers: tuberculosis and control group)

5) Studies on tuberculosis and lung diseases

6) Development of new research areas, incl. in cooperation with strategic partners (eg HIV infection, hepatitis C)



April 12th, 2018 

At the International Conference also reports data from H.pylori strains obtained in Latvia

The initial results on the H.pylori global genome project have been reported during the VIII International symposium on Helicobacter pylori and gastric cancer in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Data from H.pylori strains being obtained during the studies in Latvia were included.

                          In the picture:
                         Constanza Camargo with the poster     

  • Doctoral Studies School invites to a seminar on the human gut microbiome

April 11th, 2018. In May at RIGA EAST UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL  "Gaiļezers" educational sector will be host the next Doctoral School workshop devoted to the Human Gut Microbioma. The seminar will be led by a microbiologist researcher Darta Pupola. Details of the exact time and location of the seminar will be provided.

In the picture: microbiologist Darta Pupola

  • We invite to participate in the IV World Congress of Latvian Scientists  June 18 - 20

April 9th, 2018. Celebrating the centenary of the Latvian state, from 18 to 20 June 2018, the Latvian National Library will host an important event in the science of Latvia - the IV World Congress of Latvian Scientists. The Congress is one of the most ambitious events of Latvia's 100th anniversary organized by the Ministry of Education and Science, which will bring together scholars of Latvian origin from all over the world, as well as their strategic partners and supporters, in order to jointly look at the accomplishments and define the future tasks of Latvian science for the development of the state and society.

More information about the congress, its course and program, current events, speakers, registration for participation and submission of the stand's reports can be viewed here.

  • Baltic and Eurasia Masterclass in Clinical Oncology, 12-15 July 2018 -  Riga, Latvia April 6th, 2018

April 6th, 2018. The European School of Oncology is very glad to invite you to attend the “BALTIC AND EURASIA MASTERCLASS IN CLINICAL ONCOLOGY ” that will be held in Riga, Latvia on 12-15 July 2018.

Chair: N. Pavlidis (GR), F. Peccatori (IT), Host Chair: J. Eglitis (LV).

A more detailed description of the application can be found here.

Further details can be found on the flyer that can be downloaded here or on the website.


  • Institute is inviting  to the seminar, headed by asoc. prof. Lilian Tzivian

April 5th, 2018. Researchers interested in the successful publication process are kindly invited to the seminar on April 16th, 16:00 - 17:30, RAKUS, Gailezers, Hipokrāta Street 2 - cabinet No. 223.

A lecture is planned on how to quickly and correctly write a manuscript, find the appropriate magazine to publish it and make it easier the process of publication . Together we will focus on how  to correctly plan a manuscript, which parts are needed and how much it needs to be, which tables and images are needed, and how to respond to reviewers.
The lecture will combine knowledge from three courses on this subject: Course "Good practices in scholarly publishing" (lecturer Dr. Katarzina Gaca, Western European consultant from the Elsevier magazine group), course "Scientific writing" (lecturer Jane Schroder, Editor of the journal Environmental and Health perspectives ) and course "The deep secrets of getting your paper published" (lecturer Mark Nieuwenhuijsen, ISGlobal Director, editor of Occupational and Environmental Medicine magazine).

Content of the lecture - research protocol, its coordination with foreign partners, coordination with local co-authors, publishing opportunities, fast writing of articles.

In the picture: Asoc.prof. Lilian Tzivian

  • The team of the institute wishes Happy Easter!

March 29th, 2018.


  • Institute of Clinical and Preventive Medicine also presented at the The European Consortium myCROBIOME  

March 5th, 2018. In the European House of Gastroenterology in Vienna, meeting of the newly established consortium myCROBIOME was held. More than 20 organizations from Europe, Israel, and the US are represented. The consortium forming initiative was supported by a grant from the United European gastroenterology (UEG).

  • The University of Latvia signs a memorandum of cooperation with Kazakhstan's Innovative Medical Technology Organization  

February 21th, 2018. Vice-rector of the University of Latvia Valdis Seglins and Chairman of the Innovative Medical Technology Organization (Kazakhstan) Niyaz Malayev signed a memorandum of cooperation between the two organizations.
The document is based on the promotion of scientific cooperation not only in the medical and educational sector, but also in clinical medicine and public health, with the main emphasis on wider use of innovative technologies in diagnostic and therapeutic areas. The purpose of the Memorandum is to promote closer co-operation between organizations and in communication with governmental and non-governmental institutions.
It is expected that this memorandum will be the basis for developing further cooperation, looking for the possibility of joint project and research realization in the future.


  • The University of Latvia will host the International Gastric Cancer Prevention Research Forum for a week  

February 8th, 2018. The International Gastric Cancer Prevention Research Forum, organized by the Institute of Clinical and Preventive Medicine of the University of Latvia, will take place on February 19-23. It will bring together leading European experts and representatives from countries with high levels of gastric cancer, as well as representatives from international professional and patient organizations. During the week, various topical issues related to research on gastric cancer prevention will be discussed, the projects implemented in Latvia will be presented and opportunities for future cooperation with foreign partners will be discussed.

More information about the Forum is available here.

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