Doctoral school in translation research in medicine 

  • The activities of the Doctoral school are based on a multidisciplinary approach to the training of doctoral and master students, including residents and students (in medicine) for carrying out scientific work, promoting the capacity of future scientists to transfer knowledge from basic science to the practical use of practical results. The themes of the school's scientific work will focus on microbiology, medical statistics, data visualization, oncology, oncology prevention and pre-cancerous conditions. Schools, research institutes and clinical medical institutions working in this field will be involved in the school activity.
  • The Doctoral School provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the research methodology as well as the latest developments in various fields of research. In addition, it is possible to discuss and exchange views with scientists and specialists working in the field of biomedicine. The doctoral school also helps prepare for doctoral studies.
  • Within the framework of the school, it is planned to develop cooperation between specialties, which until now has been lacking in Latvia or has only been at the very beginning of its development. For example, in Latvia studies have not been conducted to economically optimize prevention (including screening) measures. Similarly, Latvian specialists (The Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Latvia) have a wide range of international developments on issues related to the creation of biobanks, but so far this experience has been little used in our country. The school will also help to develop scientific cooperation between higher education institutions, especially between the University of Latvia and Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU), because doctoral students from both universities conduct research work in oncology at the same clinical bases.

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