• Carry out researches in medical areas that could give the highest levels of human living and life expectancy.
  • Develop bio-bank of clinical material and samples of population, facilitating the development of the National Bio-banking complex.
  • Participate in the implementation of the academic study programs of the University of Latviav(Bachelor, Master, Postgraduate and Doctor) and implementation of professional, continuing education and lifelong learning programs.
  • To organize interinstitutional cooperation and cross-sectoral projects with other structural units of the University of Latvia, other universities of Latvia and foreign countries, foreign scientific research institutions and hospitals and participate in them.
  • Provide services and consultations to interested persons, as well as develop new diagnostic, preventive and treatment methods in accordance with the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.
  • Organize scientific conferences, symposiums, seminars and other scientific meetings. To organize scientific expeditions, scientific and professional courses and schools.
  • To develop cooperation with Latvian and foreign research organizations.
  • Participate in the exchange of scientific staff and in cooperation with other Latvian and foreign universities and research centers.
  • To publish the results of researches of the institute, to publish scientific articles and monographs, to popularize the latest scientific achievements in various ways.
  • To promote innovations and its implementation, incl. in cooperation with merchants in Latvia and abroad.
  • To observe copyright, to protect the priority of inventions and discoveries, to promote the use of published and proprietary information in accordance with the procedure set by the University of Latvia.
  • To carry out expertises in fields of medical experimental and clinical studies, biology and ethics. Coordinate research with other universities and research institutes.
  • To promote scientific activity, to inform about the results of research in society.
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